Diseminare BIOCARB

Articole ISI:

  1. Cailleret M, Dakos V, Jansen S, Robert E M R, Aakala T, Amoroso MM, Antos JA, Bigler C, Bugmann H, ….Petritan AM, …, Martínez-Vilalta J. 2019. “Early-warning signals of individual tree mortality based on annual radial growth”. Frontiers in Plant Science.

Participare şcoală de vară:

Participation at “CARSEQ”: Carbon Sequestration in Forest Ecosystems – SwissForestLab and NFZ summer school, organized by Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research, WSL, Elveția,19-24 august 2018 of Victor-Vasile Mihaila.

Particiare conferinţe:

  1. Braga C, Petritan IC, Vasile D, Enescu R, Scarlatescu V, Petritan AM. 2018. Soil respiration in a virgin and former virgin beech-silver fir forest of Southern Carpathians at “International Conference „Forest Science for a Sustainable Forestry and Human Wellbeing in a Changing World – INCDS „Marin Drãcea” 85 Years of Activity, Centenary of The Great Union in 1918”, September 18th-21th 2018.
  1. Braga C, Petritan IC, Crisan V., Vasile D, Enescu R, Scarlatescu V, Mihaila V-V, Dutca I, Petritan AM. 2018. Comparison between a virgin beech-silver fir forest and a managed forest from point of view of soil CO2 flux la International Scientific Symposium „Modern agriculture – Achivements and Perspectives”, – Moldova State Agrarian University, 4th-6th October, Chisinau .
  1. Petritan AM, Mihaila V-V, Dumitru-Dobre C, Crisan V, Barti M, Petritan IC. 2018. Above- and belowground biomass and carbon content in a beech-silver fir mixed virgin forest. International Symposium Forest and Sustainable Development, Brașov, Romania 25-27 October, 2018.